What A Lawyer Actually Does

I read an article today, written by a contemporary,  answering the question:  "why are lawyer's so expensive?"  The article - which I attach the link to below- does a wonderful job of explaining not only why you should expect to pay for legal services, but also what you get for your dollar.

What does a lawyer actually do?  I am sure you have heard that we represent your interests, which we do.  But what that actually means is this:  

1.  We try and discern what you actually want - your goal - and help you achieve it by learning, not only your business, but all the facts of the situation or conflict in which you find yourself.

2.  We put the situation you are in and your wants and needs in context with the law that applies to your situation.  We look at past Court history, we try and find all the statutes that apply, we attempt to gather information that helps determine how others who found themselves in situations similar to yours solved the issue in the past.  We try and provide options for solving your problem that you have not considered.

3.  We tell you when we believe your goals are unrealistic in light of the Court or settlement history on your particular issue.  We try and educate you as to the other sides of an issue so you know the danger of standing your ground as opposed to settling for less than you desire.

4.  We file paperwork, timely and correctly, the way it is supposed to be done, so no one will ignore you 'because they can.'  We attend Court or administrative hearings, or negotiations, and speak for you and try and explain your position so that someone without your background and experience can see your position in a different light.  We negotiate and try and persuade others to adopt your point of view.

5.  Finally, and not the least importantly, we worry about your situation so you can go about your business.  This is where my contemporary completely hits the nail on the head with his article found here. Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I'll Tell You Why https://lawyerist.com/77964/lawyers-expensive-ill-tell/